Best Coffee Grinder For French Press Reviews 2018: Top 5+ Recommended

Most Recommended Best Manual Coffee Grinders For French Press -  Reviews 2018

Manual Coffee Bean Grinder-Conical Hand Burr Mill -Best French Press Grinder by Silva
  • LIMITED QUANTITY LAUNCH - SILVA QUALITY MANUAL COFFEE GRINDER 2.0 - Fully adjustable ceramic burr grinder comes with 18 different easy-to-use grind settings. Works perfectly with a French Press, Chemex, Coffee Drippers (Pour Overs), Machine Drip, Percolator, Siphon, Aeropress, Espresso or Turkish Coffee Maker. Look no further for a perfect manual burr grinder or a quiet hand burr grinder.
  • QUIET AND EVEN GRIND - Perfectly designed hand crank ceramic coffee grinder for a Quiet, Even grind for precision brewing. The removable hand crank mechanism is very quiet compared to other grinders. You can count on an even grind with this coffee mill without clumping, clogging, or leaving chunks of beans behind. Regards
  • FOR THE OFFICE, CAMPING , TRAVEL etc- Portable backpacking burr grinder. These manual burr coffee grinders are powerful, yet small. Use it a home, take it with you on your camping trip, or wherever you go. It fits perfectly in your hand and can easily go anywhere with you. No cords, batteries or electricity needed to operate. Comes with a free Silver Scoop with a bag clip.
  • DURABLE AND LONG LASTING - Our ceramic burr manual coffee grinder has a well crafted professional grade 304 18/10 stainless steel body. This sleek hand coffee grinder is resistant to wear and tear, will never rust or corrode and perfectly holds its edge for years of use. Perfectly compatible aeropress grinder and works well as an herb and spice grinder as well.
  • 🗣 OUR CUSTOMERS SAY : "I've used my Silva coffee bean grinder for about 18 months on a daily basis. It takes me about 2 minutes to grind 10 grams of beans. It allows for a wide range of grinds and it gives me the MOST CONSISTENT fine grind for espresso of any grinder I've tried! You may work a bit for that nectar of the gods, but it's worth it. Excellent molinillo de cafe" This is a top quality java coffee grinder with $20 worth of Free Extras to go with it.
JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder, Conical Burr Mill, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Built-in adjustable grind selector with over 18 click settings ensures you have 100% precision control over the coarseness of your Pour Over, Drip, Chemex, Cold Brew, French Press, Percolator, AeroPress, Turkish, Espresso, Keurig K Cup, Herb, or Spice grind.
  • No batteries, power, or long plastic cords needed to operate your portable compact coffee grinder, allowing you to travel with and brew freshly roasted ground coffee beans on your next camping, hiking, backpacking, or outdoors trip.
  • Convenient removeable hand crank mechanism consistently eliminates over 90% of the noise that electric grinders produce. Imagine grinding your favorite java roast quietly in an office cubicle or in your kitchen when your loved ones are fast asleep.
  • Crafted with the same essence as traditional Japanese cookware, our ceramic combo burrs are design tested through three professional grade inspections to last 5x's longer than stainless steel blades.
  • What Our Amazon Customers Say: "Holy cow is this grinder awesome!" "The only slim coffee grinder for my home!" "Just purchased 3 more for family and friends" "Earns its 5 star ratings and reviews with ease!" "One of the best deals for any coffee lover" "Perfect coffee is back in my life!" 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Order today while supplies last.
EZE Hand Burr Coffee Grinder Most Consistent Hand Press, Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder Fits in Aeropress
  • Professional grade burr grinder - constructed of high-quality rust-free stainless steel with a heavy duty reinforced extra long hand crank
  • Easiest to travel with, take it anywhere you go, Great for camping since it was designed for the aero press (not included)
  • Manual ceramic conical have been proven to allow for the most consistent grind every time
  • New & improved plastic burr component constructed of stronger and more malleable plastic
Brillante Manual Coffee Grinder - Superior Burr Design for Consistently Brewing Espresso, Pour Over, French Press & Turkish Coffee - Hand Crank Mill with Adjustable Ceramic Conical Burr (BR-MCG-SS1)
  • CAN I ADJUST THE GRIND SIZE AND IS IT CONSISTENT? - Yes, the grinder adjusts quickly and easily to grind for multiple brewing methods such as: espresso, pour over, french press/plunger, percolator or Turkish. You'll be able to get a consistent grind quality that will improve the taste of your coffee.
  • HOW FAST DOES IT GRIND? - That depends on the person grinding (of course!) however you can expect to grind about 38 grams of coffee to pour over level fineness in 1 min 20 sec. Stated by approximate volume that is about 6 tablespoons of whole beans ground in 1 min 20 sec (enough to serve 2 people)
  • IS IT LOUD? - No, it's really quite tame. You'll find it MUCH quieter than grinding with an electric grinder and it's even better than some of the other popular manual grinders.
  • IS IT HARD TO CRANK? - Actually it's pretty easy. The grinder is slim for easy gripping and the crank handle is long enough to give you good leverage for a smooth and easy grind. Some of the difficulty depends on your coffee beans but the grinder does it's part to make things go smoothly.
  • WILL I LOVE IT? IS IT BETTER THAN OTHER GRINDERS? - You love your coffee which means...your coffee grinder should make you happy as well. If it doesn't or you have some problem don't worry since we back your purchase with great no-quibble, customer service because we're serious about making sure you're pleased. Yes, we've tested other grinders and when comparing ease-of-use paired with excellent grind quality the SS1 is better.
KONA Manual Coffee Grinder, Best Conical Burr Spice Herb Pepper Mill with Professional Grade Ceramic Burrs
  • SMALL, LIGHT & QUIET perfect for up to 2 coffee drinkers while camping, traveling or at the office. Ergonomically designed manual crank handle detaches from grinder for compact storage
  • SEE YOUR RESULTS after each grind setting adjustments, unlike stainless steel models. EASY CLEAN & STATIC FREE glass jar is able to store up to 50 grams of ground beans for 3 cups of coffee
  • GRIND SETTINGS SUITABLE FOR ALL COFFEE MAKERS: 18 click adjustable burrs settings capable of ULTRA FINE setting for Pour Over Drip Coffee, Turkish, Espresso & Keurig K Cup to EXTRA COARSE for Cold Brew, French Press Coffee Maker & AeroPress brewing
  • EASY ON THE HANDS WHILE GRINDING: A thicker glass base to grasp coupled with a rigid grip & a longer hand crank for increased torque helps make manual grinding easier than other stainless steel alternatives. NO AXLE STRIPPING guaranteeing years of fresh ground coffee
  • HIGH DENSITY CONICAL BURRS made from industrial ceramic with temperature stability, high wear & corrosion resistance for precise, uniform coffee grinds also great for grinding grain, nut and seed spices

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